True stories by Murl Harpham












   He  came to Eureka when he was running for President and I  was assigned to the security team to protect him.  He stayed at the Eureka Inn and entered via the back door.  The hotel had provided the entire top floor so he could relax prior to a speaking engagement.  I was posted outside his room.  Suddenly, the door opened and he was standing there holding a plate of tomatoes. 

   He looked up and down the hall and turned to me and asked if I liked tomatoes.  He invited me into the room and showed me  the  food that was provided and he called it a waste for one person.  We fixed ourselves a plate and talked.  I found him very down to earth.

   When he was ready to leave we escorted him out the back door to his waiting limo.  A bus had pulled in behind his car and elderly people were departing the bus.  I was looking in that direction and saw an elderly woman recognized him and started pointing  him out to the others who were getting off the bus.  These folks started walking towards him and much to the chagrin of the secret service he began talking to these people and shaking their hands while the protection team were fidgeting and looking at their watches.  It turned out that they were tourists from Germany here to look at the Redwoods----not a vote in the bunch---except mine and the other officers there.  That was class on his part and he got my vote.  He gave the local officers tie clasps with the state seal, which I wear with much pride.  

Murl Harpham