True stories by Murl Harpham






















Nothing was better than working Second Street on a warm Saturday night.  One such night my partner and I were working vice and we had gotten a local young mill worker  to pose as a John.  We directed him to the Golden Horn bar where we knew a certain prostitute worked and would take her tricks up the front stairs to Tex's Hotel.

We told him that once he had her ready to only go out the front door and to pause and light a cigarette which would be the signal that he would be going upstairs with her.  He was told he would have ten minutes to get her in some state of undress and the marked money in her possession and we would enter and make the arrest.

We waited, and waited and he never came out.  He suddenly approached from behind us and said, "Where were you guys, I had to go through with it."  He finally admitted that he had gone up the back stairs.  He didn't HAVE to go through with it he could have just left.

A week or so later we got a call of a woman in the 101 bar threatening patrons with a baseball bat.  When we got there, here was our John hiding behind the other patrons and an angry  woman with a baseball bat trying to get to him.

It turned out it was our John's wife.  She had just been diagnosed  with a venereal disease,  and she knew she didn't get it from a toilet seat.    


Murl Harpham