True stories by Murl Harpham
















One weekend there was a logging convention in town and we got a
couple of local characters  to pose as Oregon lumber buyers and hit a bar where a couple of hard to get,  high-class type hooker were working.

abk98m12-clinton-cartoon.jpg (55585 bytes)We gave the usual instructions---get them in a room in some state of undress with our marked money and we would be in within 10 minutes.  They were told to try and leave on their clothes and for heavens sakes don't make love to them.

Everything went  fine until the ten minutes was up and we busted into the room.  One of the guys was standing facing the door with his fly unzipped and the girl was kneeling in front of him.  He looked at his watch and said, "You're early!"

We pulled him aside and asked what the hell he was doing.  He said, "you said not to have sex.  You never said anything about oral sex."   I guess by President Clinton's standard oral sex isn't sex.  We did not file any charges that night against the girls.  


Murl Harpham