True stories by Murl Harpham




















This is a story of the unlucky prostitute.  We arrested her many times and she got to the point that she would try to hide the money and we always found it and would read off the serial numbers and point out that this was part of the evidence against her. One night our undercover John picked her up and took her to a pre-designated motel.  We had told the John to turn the lights off when he had given her the money and had gotten her in some state of undress.  We would then enter and make the arrest. After they entered the room we moved in close so we could move quickly after the lights went out.  I was standing by the rear bathroom window when I heard it open.  A woman’s hand came out holding money.  She dropped it and I  caught it. When the lights went out and we entered she saw me and said, “You have no evidence, Sgt. Harpham, I have no money.”  I held the money up and said, “But you had it when you dropped it to me from the window.”    She had planned to recover the money after the deed was done. 


Murl Harpham