True stories by Murl Harpham


























In the fall of 1957 a citizen told us a young girl was working out of room 7 of the Triangle Motel.  My partner and I parked and watched and sure enough it looked like a lot if activity was taking place so we stopped a young man leaving the motel and found out who he was and what he had been doing. I put on plain clothes and knocked on her door.  A young woman answered and looked me up and down and asked what I wanted.  I told her that my friend Bob Folger (not true name) had said I would be shown a good time here.  She asked, "Who the hell is Bob Folger?"  I told her he was here a while ago and that he drove a 1955 red Ford with a Continental Kit.  She exclaimed, "What!  That SOB!"  and invited me in.
She went to a dresser and showed me a handful of papers that all read, "I  owe you $20.00," signed Pete Smith.  She had been taking IOU's for tricks and the guy told her he'd make them good on payday.  Yeah, right. About the time we were making the deal, for cash by the way,  I heard an 18-wheeler stop by her unit.  A truck driver knocked on the door and she invited him in and the three of us had a cup of coffee.  He called  her to the door saying he would stop by when she wasn't busy and handed her something and whispered in her ear. When he left she showed me several little white pills and she said he had told her by him just having them he could go to prison. Anyhow, I gave her the marked $20.00 bill and she started to undress and I went over and turned the porch light on which was the signal for my partner to enter and we placed her under arrest. We had the CHP chase down the trucker about 50 miles north and took him into custody for possession of bennies. 


Murl Harpham