True stories by Murl Harpham


































“Nurse, leave that man alone!”


The old timers had a unique way of  solving problems.  One day we responded to the mental ward of the County Hospital.  A man in a locked cell was threatening the nurses who were trying to give him his meds and remove his food tray from his cell.  He had broken off the spoon head and had filed the spoon handle on the concrete floor into a stabbing  instrument. 

 My  partner entered the room and calmly asked the wild and wide eyed man what his problem was.  He screamed that the nurses, pointing to one in particular, were trying to seduce him and force him into unwanted sex.  (Remember, I said this was a mental ward) 

My wise old  partner turned to the nurses and began to chastise them for their actions and telling them, while winking, that he was going to arrest them for rape.   He even shook his finger at the one the nut had pointed out, who was as red a beet by now, and gave her a stern tongue lashing.   I was watching the patient and he had calmed down and was smiling from ear to ear. 

My partner turned to him and asked if  the nurses could come in now and take care of him and he, between thank U’s, assure us everything was fine now.  As we left the room we could still here him thanking us.   

Murl Harpham