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Should have stuck to pimping


In the 60ís the pimps from the bay area would bring their girls to Eureka on the weekends because the demand was here and  they usually got $20 per trick instead of the $10 they could make in the bay area. 

One weekend a couple of pimps brought their girls to Eureka and we happened to be doing a sting operation that night and all of their girls got busted.  In those days we would put a 72 hour health hold on the girls to have them tested for nasty diseases.  So the pimps got into their fancy Cadillac and headed back to Oakland. 

In those days they usually had flashy cars and clothes and seemed to try and outdo one another in looking ridiculous.  On their way home they realized they hadnít made any  money in Eureka and by the time they paid the girlís fines they would be hurting. 

While driving through Ukiah late at night it looked like a small hick town with hick town cops so they saw a clothing store and decided to pull a burglary.  They busted out the door, setting off the alarm, and grabbed some garbage cans and filled them with suits off the rack.  (These would not be suits they would wear because they were of  colors known to man)  Their suits glowed in the dark. 

They were easily spotted by responding police as they ran to their vehicle with garbage cans full of loot.  They were also easy to catch because they had trouble running with 3 inch high heels.  One of them had boots on with a gold fish swimming in each heel.

Murl Harpham