True stories by Murl Harpham


































Another time I was with the same partner who had an eye for the ladies.  He was single but was looking.  We responded to a burglary report and met the victim in his garage which was in the back and under his house.  In fact, his bedroom was right over the garage. 

He looked like he was about 90 but it turned out he was only 70.  He was a painter and someone had entered his garage during the night and stole painting equipment.  He was telling us that he and his wife both heard a noise about 2 a.m. while in bed but neither got up to check.  I was taking notes and my partner was looking around the area for evidence. 

Suddenly, the door opened and down the stairs came a 10.  She was about 25 and a knockout.  She was older than we were but not by much.  I immediately assumed it was his daughter or granddaughter.   

With a hesitant voice my partner asks,  “Is this your wife?”  Without batting and eye he replied, “Yes, that’s my wife.” 

We each glanced at each other and both started giggling and trying to stifle ourselves.  Tears running down my cheeks, I made a flimsy  attempt to explain that it was something that had happened earlier, as my partner stepped outside.  I don’t think they believed me.


Murl Harpham