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Name droppers have never impressed me.  Even those that drop a name when they have nothing to gain except they believe you will be impressed. 

 For example your at a party or some other event and someone introduces you as a police officer, which always makes me cringe because you’ll invariably be hit with, “He did it, officer,” pointing to someone else.  Like I’d never heard that before.  Anyhow, the person you’re introduce to will say something like, “I’d a good friend of Chief so and so.”    I’m always tempted to say, “WOW!”

 One night on patrol I saw a car do a California stop, so nothing else was pressing me so I made a traffic stop and approached the car with the full intention of giving the driver a warning.  After the usual, “Good evening, can I see your license?”  This guy asks if Murl Harpham is on duty.

 “Why?”  I ask.  “He’s a good friend of mine, I had dinner with him the other night.”  He replies.  Now I have never seen this guy before in my life and it was obvious that he hadn’t seen me before either.

 I told him to wait and I returned and retrieved my ticket book and proceeded to write him a ticket, making sure my name was very legible.

 “Sign here, not an admission of guilt, just a promise to appear, etc. and please note the officer’s name,” I told him.

He sheepishly signed the ticket without a word.

  Now when he drops my name, he’ll be telling the truth.

Murl Harpham