True stories by Murl Harpham








































The other day (9-9-03) I drove by a house where a gang member had been shot and killed.  All occupants had been evicted and since the eviction gang member have returned to put graffiti on the house.  Five times in a month the owner had to paint over the graffiti.

 As I passed the house I saw two girls in the yard of the vacant home and I noted fresh graffiti.  I confronted the girls and found one had been a girl friend of the slain gangster and the other girl use to live in the house but was evicted.  Both were over 18.

 I asked them about the graffiti and they denied doing it and I found no writing materials to prove them wrong.  I warned them about trespassing and if I caught them there again they would be arrested.

 I told them, “You people are exacerbating the gang problem by continuing to put graffiti on the house.”    “What’s xerbating mean?”  one of them asked.   “To perpetuate,”  I replied.  “What’s perpetuate?” she asked.  “To make it worst,” I told her.  “Oh,”

Was the reply.

 I walked away shaking my head wondering how far they had gone to school.  (probably two or three blocks) 

Murl Harpham