True stories by Murl Harpham
































The most humorous stories in my career have come while dealing with prostitutes.  Thirty years ago the rules of evidence needed for prosecution were harder.  Your undercover person had to get a solicitation  from the girl and then show a continuance of the act by getting her in some state of undress and she had to be in possession of the departmentís marked money.

One night we were using this guy who was not the sharpest tool in the box. We knew he would be going into a rooming house with several rooms.  We gave him a book of matches and told him that as he followed the girl into the room to rip out several of the matches and drop them outside the door.  We told him we would enter and make the arrest in five minutes.

When we entered the hallway there were matches all over the carpet but none of them had been unlit.  The madam was there and we asked which room they were in and she shrugged her shoulders so we said we would kick all the doors in so she immediately pointed to one of the doors and we kicked it.  We found the unburned matches-----THEY WERE ON THE INSIDE OF THE ROOM.



Murl Harpham