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Another dumbest criminal 


We received a call one Sunday afternoon that a man was inside a vacant shoe store knocking on the window at pedestrians.    Upon investigation we found a broken skylight with a broken rope dangling from it.  The thief, thinking he was entering a clothing store (which was next door), tried to enter via the skylight and the rope broke and he fell breaking his leg.  He had been there in a vacant business for about 20 hours.  But thatís not the rest of the story.  

Two month later he was out of jail waiting for his court date and he tried to enter that clothing store by kicking in the plate glass door.  He had gotten courage up by downing a little wine.  He kicked the door in but he fell on the glass and severed a main artery in his leg.  When officers arrived they basically saved his life by stopping the bleeding and getting him to the hospital.  But again, not the rest of the story.  

On our next contact a citizen heard someone screaming by the railroad tracks.  Upon investigation we found the same man lying underneath a telephone pole with a broken leg.  We had been having trouble with someone stealing the wire off of telephone poles that ran along the railroad tracks.  People would sell it to scrap metal dealers for the copper.   Well, you guessed it.  Our brain surgeon had climbed a pole with wire cutters and cut the wire.  He went to the next pole and climbed it to cut the other end of the wire and apparently the pole was rotten and the only thing holding the pole up was the wire.  Down he came with a crash.  We lost track of that guy after that.  May have gotten religion--- or a job.