True stories by Murl Harpham










































 I had the pleasure of working with one Chief of Police for seventeen years.  He was a good Chief and very intelligent, but nave.  For instance, I was the commander of investigations and drove an unmarked car.

 One of the investigators went to an officer safety school and one of the things he learned that bad guys put explosives in vehicle hubcaps.  So they removed all the hubcaps from the plain units.

 The Chief would see me drive by and  would comment on how tacky my car looked without hubcaps or he would referred to it as a Tijuana taxi cab.

This went on for a while and then he started telling me to get some hubcaps.

I dont care if you get them from a junk yard, just get some hubcaps.

 The last day before my vacation started he told me that I could not go on vacation until I had some hubcaps, he didnt care where I got them.

At the end of my day I drove by his office and tooted my horn.  He looked out and gave me a thumbs up for having hubcaps on my car.

 I wish Id been there when he went home.  Witnesses said he walked out to his car and froze with his mouth open, staring at his car without hubcaps.

Murl Harpham