True stories by Murl Harpham










































 I can tell this story now as everyone except myself have retired or passed on.

Before social services started taking care of drunk we had no choice but to take them to jail.  Sometimes on slow nights wed load the back of our car with drunks and take them to a neighboring town about seven miles away. 

Wed park a block from the police station and  let them out telling them there was free coffee under the round white light.  We watch them enter the police station and wed head back to our city, chuckling all the way.

 One time we did this we drove into the basement of the court house where we parked our cars we noticed movement in one of the unused cars.  Upon checking, there was the three drunks wed taken to our neighbors.  It was the end of our watch and now we had to deal with them before we went home.  They got even with us that night.

Murl Harpham