True stories by Murl Harpham








































In the early 70’s I was working narcotics and my partner and I  grew our hair long and sported full beards so we’d fit in better with those we were busting. 

The local paper ran a story of an interview they did with a guy who claimed to have been taken away by a spaceship and he was back to take people to this Utopia.  To keep the story brief, he encouraged anyone that was interested in joining him to give up their worldly possessions and meet him at a certain date and time at a local park in the country.

 My chief told us to go to this park and see what this guy’s scam was and see what kind of people would show up.  “But, don’t get on any spaceship,”  he joked, “We’re already shorthanded.”

 We went to the park late and parked our undercover car some distances away and walked  to the area.  There were about  25 people gathered around and as we approached they all turned watched us.

 Being paranoid narcotic cops we saw immediately  they were all staring at us and I whispered to my partner that they made us as the heat.  I noticed off in the distance a TV reporter I knew had her camera all set up under some trees.  We headed in that direction with all eyes on us.

 As we continued past them avoiding eye contact, we noted they had quit looking at us and when we got to the TV reporter she was laughing her head off.  “What’s so funny,” I asked.  “You guys caused quite a stir walking in looking like Moses or something.  They thought you were the ones that were going to take them off this planet.”  Of course, no space ship ever made it.   


Murl Harpham