True stories by Murl Harpham

























































One night my partner and I were cruising and he spotted a couple of guys he knew to be parolees.  That area was being burglarized regularly and he had seen them the night before.

He asked me to drop him off and he would follow them on foot and I was to follow him.  He stated one of them was walking with a stiff arm and the night before it had been the other arm that had been stiff. 

We followed them to an all night café that had a bar that was closed next door.  My partner signaled me to pick him up and they were hanging around a side door of the bar.  We parked in shadows among cement trucks across the street and watched. 

One crook went to the front of the building and the other guy pulled a three foot pry bar out of his sleeve and started prying on the door.  Within a few seconds the first crook whistles and the second one drops the pry bar by a pickup truck and hides behind a garbage dumpster.  Several people come out of the café and enter the parking lot near the side door of the bar and drive off. 

The first guy whistles the all clear and the second burglar comes out of hiding and retrieves his pry bar and starts working on the door jam  again.   Shortly, another whistle and he drops his bar and goes into hiding. 

This time it’s a man and woman and they go to the truck where he has dropped his bar.   The woman spots it and picks it up and show it to the male and he shugs  and she puts it in the truck.  They drive away.   

The bad guy comes out of hiding and now begins franticly looking for his bar.  He calls to his buddy and they both look for it.  Meantime, we radioed to another unit to stop the truck and retrieve  the bar and get their names as witnesses.  This was done but the couple was hesitant to give their names as they were both married and were out with their best friends spouses.  

But the story didn’t end there.  The two guys put their heads together and decided since some dirty thief stole their tool they  would make their entry via a long but narrow window next to the door and about five feet off the ground.   

The one guy helped the other guy into the window, or I should say, part way into the window, because he became stuck and his feet started thrashing.  My partner decided it was time to move in and put an end to this bungled mess.  We had to call the fire department to assist us in removing him from the window. 

Footnote:  They plead guilty so the couple in the truck never had to reveal what they were doing out together at 2 a.m.    

Murl Harpham