True stories by Murl Harpham


















You never know what you’re going to find when you respond to a call, especially a prowler call.  My partner and I responded to a call from a woman who looked out her window and saw a man looking into the neighbor’s bedroom window.  

We did everything right, parked about a block away with lights out, then quietly  crept up on the house.  Sure enough, there was a man intently looking into the window.  We put the arm on him and took him to the front door, knowing the resident was unaware that she was being watched. 

When she came to the door in her housecoat she had a surprised look on her face and asked why her husband was in handcuffs.  Being surprised at this turn of event we asked to step inside.  He admitted to following story.  Every night when his wife would announce she was going to bed, he would tell her he had to run to the store for something and would be in a little later. 

He would then go to the garage and then circle to the bedroom and watch her get ready for bed.   We asked, “Why, does she undress in the closet or the dark?”  He said, “No, she just looks so dam good through that window.” 

Our advice, since he was upsetting the neighbors, was to go to the hardware store and buy a little window and put it in the closet door.    He had no history of prowling but obviously was suffering from voyeurism  and would not go out and break the law at a stranger’s house.  

Murl Harpham