True stories by Murl Harpham





























Billie was a very cute and well built prostitute.  But she was better known around Second Street for her skills at lifting wallets.  Sometimes she used a small razor to slit the victim's pocket so the wallet would fall into her waiting hand.  Other times it was  just  sleight of hand or a combination of sleight of hand and plain force.

While on patrol one night a man came staggering out of the Golden Horn bar clutching his groin area.  He saw us and flagged us down and wanted to report that he had been assaulted by a woman.  The description fit Billie.  He said he had been sitting in the bar when this woman came up and grabbed his privates and pulled "really hard."

Knowing of Billie's M.O.  "Do you still have your wallet?" we asked.  The man said he did, pulling it from his pocket and showing it to us.  "Is there any money in it?"  He assured us he had over $100.00 in it and he opened it to show us and much to his surprise, not ours,  it was empty.  Upon questioning he admitted that she had been playing with his privates for sometime prior to "yanking" it.

This was a common trick of Billie.  She would distract the victim with one hand while the other hand took his wallet and manipulated the money out of it.  Sometimes, in order to put the wallet back, because this is harder than taking it,  she would  use a diversionary tactic.