True stories by Murl Harpham





























One night we responded to the Lumberjack bar and met three college students who complained that somehow a woman, fitting Billie's description, had stolen money from one of them.  He said that he had put four $20.00 bills in his shoe and that somehow this woman had exchanged it with four one dollar bills.  When the woman left, the bartender told him he should check his shoe because his money was probably gone.  He assured the bartender he could feel the money.  He told him to check it anyhow and he got a surprise, the twenties had changed into ones.

The bartender said he was busy but he kept and ear and an eye on her because he knew she was up to something.  She approached the three young men and warned them about how this area of town was full of thieves (no kidding), and that they needed to be careful with their money.  The victim bragged that no one would get his money.  She asked how he could be so sure and he told her it was in his shoe.

She proceeded to praise him for being so smart and that she had never heard of that before.  "Show me," she asked.  So he took his shoe off and she asked if she could count it out.  She made a big production of counting the money and offered to put it back in his shoe and she even helped him put his shoe back on.

I told you she was good!  Three young men became a little wiser that night