True stories by Murl Harpham






















There was a high school football game in Eureka one Friday night and a married couple, both teachers from the visiting high school, decided to get a motel.  They picked Walt's Club which was a combination nightclub, bar and motel.

After the game they spent time in the bar and danced.  The husband was tired so he excused himself and went to the room and went to bed.  The wife stayed in the bar and danced.

Several hours later the wife goes to the room and the husband, now rested, decides he could used some loving.  He started loving moves and suddenly discovered his wife had been shaved.  He demanded to know why and she quickly came up with a story that when the bar closed she went to a guy's room to have a nightcap and he raped her.

He called the police and we responded.  By talking with the bartender we traced the guy she had left the bar with.  He was picked up and gave a different version.  He said everything was consensual.  What about the shaved privates?   He claimed that at first she kind of said no, but as he lathered her up she seemed to enjoy the experience.  He said that a shaved private turns him on because it makes it look young.  (Different strokes)

One of our lady officers confronted her with this new information and the fact if he had raped her, he would be going to prison.
She then admitted that his version was correct.

The lady officer came out of the room laughing, saying, "She should have got a toupee, cut a hole in it and kept her dam mouth shut."  


Murl Harpham